Born (1961) and raised in the Netherlands, Ron started out beating rhythms on his mom’s pots and pans before getting his first real drum at the age of 4. During his childhood he  joined the local drumcorps and got a  ‘no brand’  green sparkle 4 piece drumkit. At age 12 he won the tittle Dutch rudimental drumming champion. Following his passion for drums and musicianship, Ron studied Classical Percussion at the conservatory of Tilburg (NL) and Jazz drums at the Maastricht conservatory (NL). 

After graduating  in 1993, he was asked to join the teachers staff  at the Maastricht conservatory, where he still teaches to this day. Van Stratum is known for his ability to play (and teach) a variety of musical styles such as Jazz, Fusion, Pop, World Music, Latin, R&B, Rock.

Besides playing sessions, teaching and leading his own projects, Ron is also running his own (drum) studio for recording his own music as well as for third party clients. To this day Ron has 3 CDs out as a leader. He also has mixed and mastered recordings for various artists.

Over the years Ron has played, worked and recorded with countless bands and musicians, to name just a few: Randy Brecker, Brian Bromberg, Mike Mainieri, Jim Beard, Jon Herington, Scott Kinsey, Bob Sheppard, Jimmy Haslip, Mike Stern,  John Beasley,  Chris Minh Doky, Robben Ford, Eric Miyashino, Nigel Hitchcock, Eric Gale, Bob Militello,  Billy Cobham,  Joachim Schoenecker, Mathias Nowak, Christoph Eidens, Andy Middleton, Lynle Marthe,  Carlo Nardozza, Philippe Aerts, Greg Torunski, Piotr Torunski, Emiel van Egdom, Sam Vloemans, Henk de Laat, Mike Roelofs, Wilbert Kivits, Nadine Nix, Hakim Ludin, Peter Hermesdorf, Frank Peeters, Roman Korolik, Michel Bisceglia, Sabine Kühlich, Martin Verdonk, Dirk Schreurs, Christian Fabian, Andreas Dahle, Jo Lemaire, Margriet Eshuijs, Bart Fermie, Gerard van Maasakkers, Sabien Tiels, Giovanni Costello and many, many more…..

Clinics, demo’s, workshops for Meinl cymbals & percussion, Yamaha drums and masterclasses at JVLMA Riga, Latvia and CSMN Pamplona, Spain

Ron van Stratum endorses the following companies and products: MEINL cymbals & percussion, Meinl Sticks & Brushes,YAMAHA drums, EVANS Drumheads, PURESOUND snare wires, SE ELECTRONICS microphones, CYMPADS, AHEAD Armor Cases, DRUMnBASE drum mat, AHEAD Speed Kick bass drum beaters.

“I do feel that every musician needs to know as much as they can about the drums in general and what drummers have to go through to do what they do. It is incredibly difficult to be a great drummer.” – Pat Metheny

Featured Album

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……..”Thanks for your post on the website about Ron Van Stratum’s album. I downloaded it more or less immediately, and am letting you know that it’s impressive. There’s a lot going on with it. Some Charlie parker Bebop, Cannonball phrasing, Faces and Places references, but most of all a big nod to Weather Report and a notable ‘ Scarlet Woman’ lurking in the grooves…For a drummer to have such width of expertise/imagination is something else! …. this guy Van Stratum has got the chops.” (ZAWINUL ONLINE FANSITE)

Line Up: Ron van Stratum dr, perc, keys; Roman Korolik bs; Henk de Laat ac bs; Jim Beard pn, keys; Mike Roelofs pn,keys; Wilbert Kivits pn,keys; Jon Herrington gt; Frank Peeters gt; Berland Rours gt; Andy Middleton ts,ss; Peter Hermesdorf ts; Nadine Nix voc. Mixed by R.v.Stratum, mastered by Scott Kinsey.

Zawinizm – Swingin’ In The Swamp

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